Multisite Churches, We Need Your Help!

Jun 03, 2019   |    3 min read
At one time in the not too distant past,  going multisite was a trend that became a movement. Now, after roughly 20 years, that movement is a reality for many, many churches. After so many churches have gone multisite, many leaders are now wondering what has been learned….what has worked…and what hasn’t.  

This is why Generis has partnered with Leadership Network to create the Multisite Church Movement Update Survey. This survey is designed to help us learn more about what God is doing through the multisite movement and how it has impacted the local church. Much has changed since this movement began and so many lessons have been learned. Our hope is to discover some key themes, patterns and results that all church leaders can learn from as they continue to grow and serve their communities through the launch of new locations.

How can you help? 

Please take a few minutes to complete the Multisite Church Movement Update Survey! Your feedback is invaluable to providing insight as to what is really happening within the walls of a multisite church. Not only will your church's response be vital to resources Generis and Leadership Network will create based on this data, but you will also help thousands of other participating churches understand where they are in the larger multisite landscape. 

Why participate in this survey? 

  • You will receive a free illustrated report with survey findings. This will help you know where you are among other multisite churches
  • Invitation to an exclusive video webinar and Q&A with Greg Ligon, Chris Mavity and Dave Travis 
  • Bonus! Entered to win an Amazon gift card for $250

Confidentiality Promise
Our summary reports will focus on tallies and trends. They will not mention any church by name or give other particulars without your written permission.

This survey is for churches of all sizes, that identify themselves as one church in two or more locations. We are excited to discover what God is doing through your churches as the movement continues to evolve and address current realities. 
Thank you for helping us serve the local church in this way. Your participation is greatly appreciated!
Have you checked our the "Let's Talk Multisite" webinar with Director of Multisite Services Chris Mavity and Jessica Bealer, Director of Family Ministry? Click the link below to watch! 
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