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The Art of Activating Non-Givers

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Jul 22, 2021 4:22:51 PM
Generosity Workshop Playback
The Art of Activating Non-Givers In Your Church

One Sunday my pastor put up a slide that boldly declared, 30% of the attendees of our mega Church support 99% of the budget of the Church.  30%!  Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.  Based on research there is a good chance that over 50% of your attendees give little to nothing at all to your Church's ministry.  While there are many reasons why people do not give, there are some powerful keys to engaging non-givers in the vision and life of your Church.  

In this workshop you will: 

  • Learn the top three reasons why people choose to not give to your Church. 
  • Understand how church leaders inadvertently encourage attendees to NOT give -
    and how to avoid doing the same thing! 
  • Discover strategies to engage and/or re-engage givers this summer!


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