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Maximizing Year-End Giving | Interview with Jim Sheppard for the Healthy Church Summit

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Nov 22, 2023 11:15:41 AM

In this interview for the Healthy Church Summit,  Jim Sheppard sits down with Scott Holthaus from Ministry Brands and discusses how churches can maximize year-end giving campaigns. Join Jim and Scott as they discuss:

  • The significance of messaging in successful campaigns.
  • How to set realistic goals for year-end giving based on prior giver behaviors.
  • The importance of shifting from a transactional giving communication strategy to forming and shaping individuals towards transformational giving.
  • Practical steps and tools to prepare for a successful year-end campaign


If you're interested in learning more about year-end giving support or would like to take a year-end giving readiness assessment, visit generis.com/yearend.

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