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Growing your school or organization's donor base is critical to your long-term fundraising. However, the strategy for expanding your donor base is a tall order and often a significant challenge - especially if you have a limited network. 

If you've exhausted your network and are unsure what to do next to expand your donor universe, then it's time to Move Your Center.

In this video, John Sullivan outlines a strategy to help you reconsider your school or organization's network and identify a new center (or centers) to help expand the possibilities for donor growth. 



Download  the Move Your Center Worksheet 

This template can be used to help you and your team expand
your current network to include new network centers.
Download Resource Now


Expand Your Network 

Need help mapping out your network?  The Total Advancement Solutions team
can help you and your team" move your center" and see what connection possibilities exist within your network and beyond.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call below to learn more about a
Network Strategy Session.Connect with Total Advancement Solutions



John Sullivan, Generosity Strategist
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