Our Next Location: The Art and Science  of Determining, Deciding, and Funding Your Next Location

Apr 11, 2019   |    3 min read

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Our Next Location

Note: This was a live webinar that aired on March 27, 2019. 

Those that have been multisite for more than a decade probably know the reality of having to shut a site down. It’s painful in so many ways. Even though it is often the best long-term solution for the church as a whole, it’s undeniably hard on all concerned.

It’s not only painful, it’s expensive. Expensive in real dollars, human stress, and lost attenders.

The number one cause of failure is poor leadership. The second-most cause of failure is the wrong location. These could be related factors.

Wise leaders seek to learn all they can about selecting their next location whether they have one site or dozens. How can we reduce our risk in site selection?

In this webinar, Dave Travis, Strategic Counsel to Pastors & Church Boards, and Director of Multisite Services Chris Mavity discuss the many aspects and obstacles of going multisite. 

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