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Making it Transformational, Not Transactional

Dec 20, 2022   |    3 min read

With the pressure of December 31 as a “deadline” on giving in 2022, it’s easy to focus heavily on giving and not the giver.

In the midst of your focus on giving, don’t miss the tremendous opportunity to develop givers and speak to the givers’ hearts.

When told with heart and humanity, stories of transformation can help shift perspectives and open the eyes of unengaged givers. But stories of transformation aren’t always enough. Sometimes, stories of need resonate more highly with some givers than others. Stories that show the lack — and then the potential change that giving can bring — reveal to givers where their resources are most needed and where they could have the most impact. This is sometimes the best way to compel latent givers to take action.

Today, take a few minutes to watch this Generosity Tip and make a plan to incorporate storytelling into your year-end giving.

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