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Boosting Generosity: The Case for Quarterly Giving Statements

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Mar 18, 2024 1:30:00 PM

Churches are notorious for thinking people know the impact that results from their giving. But people don’t know, and the bigger the church, the more true this becomes. Most churches don’t tell enough stories related to giving or talk regularly about the impact giving has.

This is important though, because in every relationship, communication is key. That’s a universal truth that also applies for the church and givers who fund the mission of the church. To communicate well, quarterly giving statements are key. It’s a critical part of preserving that communication in order to keep the relationship healthy. Four times a year, you have the chance to talk about the great things that are happening, tell stories, express gratitude, and reinforce vision and mission.

So, why aren’t churches taking these opportunities every quarter to communicate? For one, because it’s not required like annual statements are. But just because it’s not a requirement is no excuse not to do it. These are prime opportunities to get in front of givers and talk to them, so sending quarterly statements is strongly encouraged and recommended. 

The goal should be to communicate with your givers not because of something that you want from them, but because of what you want for them. You want them to remember their important role in the vision and mission of the church. You want to spur them on to greater faith. The quarterly statement is one of the best chances to provide them the information and inspiration needed to keep living on mission.


Best Practices for Sending Quarterly Giving Statements

What should a quarterly giving statement look like? What information should it include? On a basic level, you want to let people know how much they have given in the most recent quarter and give them a year-to-date total. But you shouldn’t stop there. 

Tell people about what’s been happening. Give people a recap of what’s happened in the last three months. “In the last 90 days, we’ve had some amazing things happen, let me give you the highlights…” People are often shocked at how much is going on. Communication is key in making sure they know that because they gave, there are some really important things that have happened, whether it’s right here at home or beyond. 

Think visually by combining information and inspiration. Most content management systems (CMS) provide statements that include only data. They give you the amount of money given, but they don’t communicate how the giving is impacting the vision of the church. To do that, your quarterly statements should include photos, images, and infographics to add in that missing piece. 

Express gratitude. Quarterly statements should be part of your strategy for thanking first-time givers, faithful givers, and givers who make unusually large gifts. It’s an opportunity to sincerely thank those who are supporting your church financially. Make sure the message that you send includes a heartfelt expression of gratitude. 



Include a reply envelope. Include a small envelope addressed to your church that’s not your typical giving envelope. This serves as a subtle reminder to your givers that they can send back a check if they need to catch up on their giving or if your message inspires them to make an additional gift. You will be surprised to see how many of these envelopes show up in the mail or in the offering basket.

Go all-electronic. Since quarterly giving statements are not required, there’s no particular way you have to create or send them. Many churches are going electronic, which can take on many forms and is very efficient. It could be an email with a PDF attachment, or it could be an email that links to a page on your website. Another advantage is that when you send the statement electronically, you can remind people about where to go if they want to set up recurring gifts or include a link to your giving portal. 

Lift up stories of impact. Connect giving to the greater things that have been happening in the church. How are these stories connected to your vision and mission and helping the church live out who God has called you to be? This also serves as a regular reminder that you are being a good steward of their money and that real ministry impact is happening. 

Incorporate video. A 60 to 90 second video from a pastor can create an opportunity for a meaningful connection. The video quality does not have to be high-end, and videos made with smartphones even work well. You can send the video in the quarterly email, link to it on the church website, and post on social media platforms. 

Take the opportunity to communicate with your givers quarterly with the goal of helping them grow as disciples and givers. It’s more than just information. It should be filled with inspiration as you highlight everything that God has done and the impact that giving has in the life of your church. A lot can happen in three months.

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