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A Proven Plan to Increase Generosity at Your Christian School

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May 22, 2023 3:36:25 PM

You need to raise more money — aka, increase generosity — at your Christian school but your team, time, and resources are limited.

So, stop reinventing the wheel.

Start building sustainability for your program (and your well-being!).

Spend nine weeks working in a small group learning directly from an expert on how to raise more this year, and ongoing!

Why Do You Need a Plan to Increase Generosity?

Because you get only ONE CHANCE to onboard your New Parents right.

You get ONE CHANCE to instill in them the DNA of generosity that you want to see in your entire school.

Instilling that DNA of generosity within your New Parents results in an entire school soon being filled with generosity-minded parents.

And, it can extend to everyone in your immediate community — including faculty and staff!

But instilling DNA in your New Parents requires intentionality, strategy, and effort – learn how BEST to apply all three from someone who lived and struggled in your world and now coaches development teams across the US.

Learn more & sign up before the Cohort begins on June 1.

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