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Beyond Fundraising: Helping People Be Generous [Podcast]

May 26, 2023   |    3 min read

As a seminary president, you have been called to lead your institution with integrity and excellence. One of the most important aspects of your leadership is cultivating a culture of generosity. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Remember that money is a tool to accomplish God's will. When we use money to advance our own agenda and selfish ambitions, we are not fulfilling our calling as stewards of God's resources.
  2. God talks about money and possessions over 2,300 times in the Bible, more than any other topic. As leaders in ministry, we must take seriously our responsibility to teach and model biblical principles of generosity.
  3. Fundraising is not a dirty word. It is a necessary part of ministry that allows us to fulfill our mission and vision. We must embrace fundraising as an opportunity to invite our partners to join us in fulfilling God's purpose and passion.
  4. Generosity is about discipleship. It is a way of showing our love for God and our love for others. As we invest in God's kingdom, we will experience the blessings and abundance that come from living a life of generosity.
  5. We must lead by example. As seminary presidents, we are called to be shepherds of generosity. We must model generosity in our personal lives and in the life of our institution. When we do, we will inspire and empower others to do the same.

In conclusion, cultivating a culture of generosity is essential to the success of your seminary and to fulfilling God's calling on your life as a leader in ministry. Keep these key points in mind as you lead your institution with integrity and excellence.

Dive Deeper...

Senior Generosity Strategist, Dr. Carla Maxwell Ray was recently interviewed on the InTrust Center podcast where she answered the age-old question 'what does it take to raise money?'

Her response...

At its heart generosity. 

Listen to her in-depth response on the Intrust Center Podcast - Ep. 30: Energizing your board for fundraising.


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In her career, Dr. Carla Maxwell Ray has helped raise more than $1 billion for a variety of organizations, institutions, and schools, and she encourages fundraisers to invite people to the opportunity to be generous. In this episode, Ray talks about ways to help people see generosity as a spiritual virtue and the opportunity to be part of the good work that is happening across the world.


Learn more about Carla and connect with her.


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