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Vision Casting: A Conversation with Dave Ronne and Brad Leeper

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Oct 22, 2021 4:39:10 PM

Your God-Inspired vision is the true north of your church. When you have a compelling Gospel-centered vision, it can energize your congregation and has the power to transform your local community. As we look toward the beginning of a new year, there is no better time to take stock and cast vision for the next season. In this video with Brad Leeper, Dave Ronne shares three things that will help you cast vision and build on your ministry momentum as you move through the fall season and into 2022: 

  • Be clear on your next season - Stop focusing on the week to week, identify what your "next season" is, and keep your eye on that purpose. 
  • Be clear on your next strategy - What are you focusing on and how does it connect to your purpose? 
  • Be clear on your next stories - Stories have the power to inspire and motivate your church community in the strategy for this next season of your church. 


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