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Key Considerations for Easter 2021

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Mar 9, 2021 1:10:52 PM

Would you like the Easter weekend experience at your church to be deeply intentional, more engaging, and truly authentic?

Watch this information-packed conversation between Brad Leeper and Dave Ronne as they discuss how to develop an Easter weekend experience for your community that will speak to hearts and mobilize participation.



Brad and Dave cover these key points, and more:

How do we think about Easter in 2021?
It’s been a year since t he pandemic began.What shifts should you make in your communications to reach your community wherever they are: in-person or at home?

How do we prepare in these few weeks before Easter? There are three important areas to focus preparation: staff, follow-up systems, and communications. Dave shares actionable ways you can prepare now for a seamless connection process on Easter.

Where are the areas that need extra attention?
How well have you paid attention to your community over the last year? Knowing how your community has evolved in how they spend their time, or the precautions they are taking against infection, will help you determine which service, which experience, even which message you should prioritize on Easter weekend.


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Brad Leeper, Principal

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Dave Ronne, Ministry Strategist for Weekend Experience
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