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Meet The Effective Ministry Team

Complexity is a natural by-product of a growing church. However, left unchecked, that complexity can create a lid over that growth that becomes very hard to push through. As Generis has helped churches fund their God-inspired visions for 30 years, we know that a lid over growth is also a limitation over generosity. The fact is, when churches are struggling with generosity , they are almost always struggling in other ways as well. The struggle with giving is simply a by-product of other challenges.  

That is why we are so pumped to launch The Effective Ministry Team…a group of seasoned leaders who have “been there and done that” in some of America’s most influential churches. They’ve fought the battles and earned the T-Shirt! They are here to help you navigate the challenges of growth, eliminate confusion, create ministry alignment and achieve Kingdom Impact for the WIN!

Check out the video below to learn more: 

Effective Ministry Video2



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