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Generosity Storytelling

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Jun 24, 2022 1:38:42 PM
Generosity Workshop Playback

Generosity Storytelling


We all want to tell more stories but somehow always have challenges finding them!  Particularly on this topic of generosity, it becomes even more of a daunting task because people often don’t want to talk about giving or don’t know what to say.  Join us for a practical and spiritual conversation on how to mine for stories and how to tell stories of givers in a way that is helpful and meaningful to those who will experience them as well as to those who will tell them.  Special guest TJ Friesen of Rally Caps Media who is excellent at telling stories of generosity will be joining us for this important discussion as well.



Workshop Resources

  1. Download - Session Slides
  2. Download - Fund The Vision
  3. Watch Now - Offering Moment Workshop
  4. Read - 3 Questions Stopping You From Having A Giving and Generosity Conversation With Your Staff 

About Rally Caps Media

Rally Caps is a group of creatives that uses visual storytelling to inspire and call people to action. We are easy to work with and want to be your biggest fans, using

our video production skills to tell compelling stories that make a difference.

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If your team has questions about mining for generosity stories, understanding your giver data, or general generosity questions, you can schedule a FREE strategy session with a Generosity Expert today. 

During this time, we can learn more about your church and how we can help you build a culture that embraces generosity like never before.

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