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Ministry Impact Begins With A Healthy Staff

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May 3, 2021 4:24:48 PM



Written By Brad Leeper, Generis Principal 

A strong and healthy staff culture is one of the key ingredients for a thriving culture of generosity in the church. When your staff are champions of your mission and vision, they create an infectious and enthusiastic atmosphere for your church community.
However, without a healthy staff, dysfunction creeps in, ministry impact becomes limited, which ultimately puts a lid on generosity in your church. 
No doubt, the past year has been challenging for your staff. As we return to in-person gatherings, there may be team misalignment that needs to be addressed, vision that needs to be fortified, and teams that need your support. Addressing staff need is mission critical as you look toward your church’s fall launch. 
Watch this conversation between Generis Principal Brad Leeper and Executive Pastor Strategist Jon Wright as they outline how you can partner with your staff for a strong fall 2021 launch.


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