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Normalizing The Giving Conversation

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May 3, 2021 3:50:24 PM



Written By Jim Sheppard, Generis CEO + Principal 


What can happen when you do normalize the giving conversation? 

If you avoid talking about giving because it feels like an uncomfortable topic to approach, we want to guide you down a better path.
In this video, Generis Principal and CEO Jim Sheppard interviews Scott Wilson, global pastor at The Oaks Church. Pastor Scott shares his journey with normalizing the giving conversation by taking it from uncomfortable and awkward to discipleship and mission driven. This shift in perspective and biblical understanding has transformed The Oaks' ministry in countless ways.
Get pencil and paper ready because Scott shares some eye-opening ideas from his own experience.


If you enjoyed this video, checkout our article Take The Awkward Out Of the Giving Conversation also written by Jim Sheppard.


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