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Kick Off Kids Ministry With Ease This Fall

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Aug 14, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Fall is approaching, and with it comes the opportunity for growth and excitement in your kids ministry as we jump into another school year! There are several proactive steps you and your team can take now to prepare for the upcoming season. Let's dive in and discover how you can make this fall the best one yet!


Spruce Up Your Kids Ministry Classrooms

Get ready to create an environment that kids will love! Take the time to refresh and revamp your classrooms:

  • Look at your space from two perspectives: that of a parent and a kid. Is it safe? Clean? Fun?
  • Organize and declutter: Make sure everything has its place. Remove any worn-out or broken toys, and replace them with new and exciting options to capture kids' attention. Label to make sure it is easy for kids and volunteers to keep the room clean.
  • Make it spotless: Give your classrooms a thorough cleaning. Does it look, smell, and feel clean?

By preparing your classrooms now, you'll ensure that the first impression this fall is one that kids won't forget!


Streamline Your Kids Ministry Systems

Growing attendance is fantastic, but it can also lead to chaos if systems are not in place. To keep things running smoothly in your kids ministry:

  • Define your processes: Clearly outline the steps for registering new families, check-in, pick-up, and classroom management, making it easy for both volunteers and families to navigate.

Train your team: Ensure that every volunteer understands their role and responsibilities. Communicate what a win looks like, ensuring consistency across all areas of your ministry by empowering your volunteers to own their areas so you aren't the only one who can solve all the problems. Not sure how to get started, start by checking out How to Recruit and Retain High-Level Volunteers.


Retain First-Time Families

Welcoming new families is exciting, but it's even more rewarding when they keep coming back so we have an even greater chance of leading them to Jesus. Here are a few ways to make their experience unforgettable:

  • Create a warm atmosphere: Encourage volunteers to greet new families with big smiles, high-fives, and a joyful attitude.
  • Get your kids begging their parents to come back next Sunday.
  • Answer all the questions before they ask them: Prepare welcome bags with information about upcoming events, small groups, and ways for parents to stay connected. Make sure they leave with something they can refer to later.
  • For practical tips on improving this process, be sure to check out this free download: First Time Guest Strategy.

Invest in Your Relationship with Jesus

As a Ministry leader, it's important to prioritize your own relationship with Jesus before the fall children’s ministry season kicks into high gear:

  • Make an appointment with God and keep it: Spend daily time with God, allowing Him to speak to you and refresh your spirit. Seek His guidance for your ministry and the upcoming season.
  • Seek support: Surround yourself with a network of fellow ministry leaders or spiritual mentors who can provide encouragement, prayer, and accountability. It's easy as leaders in ministry to help everyone else stay spiritually healthy at the expense of our own spiritual health. Find trusted friends who can provide accountability and encouragement in your own walk with God.
  • Develop your Spiritual Disciplines: How can you establish healthy boundaries and routines now to ensure you live a life worthy of God's calling? How do you plan to Sabbath each week? When is your regular quiet time? Make a plan to prioritize your time in a way that honors God. 

As back to school season approaches, take these steps to prepare for growth and create a contagious atmosphere in your kids ministry. Spruce up your classrooms, streamline your systems, retain first-time families, and invest in your own spiritual growth. Remember, this season is all about doing our part so God can do what only He can do in the hearts of our children.


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