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Capital Campaign Events & Major Donor Development.

by Ryan
2 min read
Jun 30, 2016 8:00:00 PM

One of the biggest complaints in the non-profit sector is “lack of communication.” When employees don’t know the plan or don’t feel included in the information pool, this impacts their job performance and has a ripple effect when donors are at events or on campus. It’s important to have a system wide calendar planning and sharing process.

Communicate about who is coming, when they are coming and the plan for their visit. Receiving information and being asked to serve on event planning and agency initiatives helps everyone feel a part of the team. This is especially crucial in the middle of a capital campaign or initiative. When communication is clear, donors get a sense that this is a well-run operation for their time and resources. 


If you offer tours of your ministry consistent and excellent delivery is essential to ensure that everyone gets the royal treatment. Provide maps to your location. Offer recommendations and directions to local restaurants. Check signage for clear instructions on where to go and parking directions. Offer a schedule, provide a script and train staff/volunteers on their delivery style.  

When Walt Disney would visit and stay overnight at Disney Land, the guest relations department would turn the light on in the apartment where he stayed at Cinderella’s Castle. This was a que to let staff know to be on their best behavior because Walt was there. When he died the decision was made to keep the light on 24/7 as a tribute to the man, Walt Disney and a reminder for staff be on their best behavior as if Walt Disney himself were there each day. 

When we clearly communicate the expectations, provide staff with the necessary tools, and hold them accountable, they will rise to the occasion welcoming guests and representing Christ and your ministry in an honorable manner.

My name is Julie Boyd and I am passionate about helping ministries with a donor development strategy that generously fund their vision. I would love to schedule a time to hear about your organization and see how we at Generis can help!

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