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How to do a Capital Campaign as a Multisite Church.

by Ryan
1 min read
Oct 2, 2016 8:00:00 PM

Most multisite churches have one capital campaign for the entire church, and all the campuses participate in the same initiative. On occasion, a church might have a reason to do a capital campaign for a specific campus, but generally it's one-size-fits-all for the entire church.


The success of any giving initiative, and especially one for a multisite church, depends on giver communication. In a multisite environment, this will take place at the macro level from the senior leader, and at the micro level from the campus pastor. Givers follow the vision and authority of the senior leader, but the primary relationship with the church rests with the campus pastor.
Therefore, it is important to have both voices integrated into the giver communication. Early in the process, surface and leverage leaders will champion the multisite cause with a passion. This should include 100% board or elder support for the project: there must be an unwavering belief that the multisite strategy is the core of how we can impact as a church.
Generis has partnered with thousands of churches to assist in raising billions of dollars for Kingdom expansion. If you would like more information about executing a capital campaign or giving initiative, you can with a Generis Strategist today!
We have also created a resource titled: The Ultimate Church Capital Campaign Guide that was designed to disseminate the knowledge Generis has gained through more than 3,500 successful Capital Campaigns since 1989. 

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