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Create a Generosity Culture through your Offering Time

Jul 31, 2016   |    3 min read

For too many churches, the time for offering is just a quick way to transition from one part of the service to the next. The moment for giving passes by in an attitude of necessity, not intentionality. Today’s churches are fighting for relevancy in an extremely competitive and complex environment of possible financial investments.

A church that remains silent and just passively exists in the increasing intricacy of the donor's world is guaranteed to miss out on building a giving culture and collecting the financial resources it desperately needs. Could a simple lack of clear communication or a carefully planned service moment really be all that stands between your church and the potential gifts people are waiting to give?


Many of the churches that we work with at Generis admit that their offering time is just transitional, or worse, inconsistent. It is possible to understand the importance of a well-orchestrated offering time and yet fumble away this treasured moment through poor execution.

A lazy adherence to “tradition,” the ease of routine, the fear of an uncomfortable conversation, ambiguous churchy language, or a cluttering of all these things can quickly unravel all the good intentions you have for building a giving culture through your offering moment.

Think about it. Every other non-profit organization has to rely on ineffective direct mail, redundant e-mail, and impersonal cold-call phone solicitations to make their appeals. In contrast, your church possesses an incredibly unique relational moment that allows a direct conversation with your entire donor audience 52 times per year! You must start taking advantage of the indispensible 30 seconds prior to your offering collection.

So just how do you start capitalizing on this most opportune time to reach donors in your church each week and create a generosity culture? Simple: build a culture of generosity with an integrated and incremental communication rhythm. In other words, you need to create and build upon key elements that will stir the hearts of potential donors. These elements won’t only increase spiritual formation, but they will also result in an increased financial investment to your mission and a truly generous giving culture!

If your church’s offering time is transitional, inconsistent, largely ineffective or just non-existent now is the time to dig in to that untapped potential and create a giving culture unique to your people and your organization. To elevate the offering moment to a consistent high point during the service and reach donors in a personal and effective way, contact us below and we'll be glad to send you 10 specific service elements that will transition you away from just a requisite offering time that people tolerate, to a moment of inspiring reverence during which donors feel compelled and excited to give.

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