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Prioritize Giving with Your Church Community

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Mar 16, 2023 2:31:42 PM

Once you’ve visioned your staff and board on how to prioritize giving, and you've seen their buy-in to the idea that giving is a discipleship journey, then and only then do you approach the people of your church community.

When They Prioritize Giving, Change Will Happen

And when you or your church leadership approach the community, do so with the leading idea that their giving will change them. Yes, it balances the budget at the end of the day. But before that, and more important than that is the fact that generosity and giving is life-changing. Their relationship with Jesus will be positively affected. Their relationships with others will look different. Their outlook on the world around them will be shifted.

Now leader, here’s the important part...

The way that you change the perspective of the people in your community is by being more broken-hearted about their spiritual condition — as it relates to money and possessions — than you are concerned about meeting your budget and balancing it. If you take care of the first part, you’ll never worry about the second part.

Make it a priority to watch this important message from Jim Sheppard, and ask God how best to convey these truths to your board, your staff, and to the people who call your church “home.”

If you missed the first part of this message, you can catch up on how to prioritize giving with your staff and board here.


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