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Mobile Giving Made Easy

by Ryan
2 min read
Sep 12, 2016 8:00:00 PM

Donors will often give to your church in a manner consistent with how they normally handle their financial obligations. For example, someone who pays the majority of their bills online is more likely to give electronically. Because people choose to give in different ways, it's important to employ multiple on-ramps for giving. 


Too often, we assume people will give almost exclusively during the weekend worship service. But it’s important to remember that very few people carry any significant amount of cash today, and even fewer have their checkbooks with them at any given time (if they have a checkbook at all!). When we limit our focus to the weekend service, we unintentionally restrict giving. In order to make it as easy as possible for your people to give, you should create multiple on-ramps for giving.



- A project giving envelope in the weekend service.
- A project giving envelope by mail.
- Links to give electronically to your project on your website.
- Links to give electronically to your project made available via email.
- Remind people to use their bank’s online bill-pay feature.
- An iPad, or other card reader, in your church’s lobby for pre- and post-service giving.
- A project microsite. While rare, some churches create a special website devoted solely to the project. This site would promote the project, share project information, tell stories, and provide another way for donors to participate financially.
- Social Media - If your church currently makes effective use of various social media channels, you can use these outlets to share information about the project and to make available your electronic giving links.
- Encourage people to drop off gifts at the church office.
Mobile giving tools - This method of giving is relatively new to the church world, but for many, it is quickly becoming the preferred way to give. If your church has not yet incorporated mobile (or text) giving into your donor strategy, there are fun and creative ways to introduce it to your church. For example, you could promote a “Mobile Giving Weekend.” Sometime in early to mid-December, ask people to bring their smartphones to church (okay, so they do that anyway). Then, during the service, ask them to take out their phones and walk them through the process of mobile giving (downloading the app and making a donation). Smart Giving is an excellent way to engage first time givers.
- Encourage mobile giving during a church capital campaign


- Second Sunday in December

- No later than December 31st.

For those who wait until the last minute, consider having a small team at the church on December 31st to accept gifts. Make it fun. Have the team stationed out front, giving away coffee and doughnuts. Provide dog treats for those who stop by with their pets. Be creative. Hopefully some of these ideas will help connect your givers to your year-end project.

For more information about mobile giving or executing an effective year-end giving strategy, click below to schedule a meeting with a Generosity Strategist today!


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