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Top Resources of 2021

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Dec 21, 2021 12:53:05 PM

We pulled the data and crunched the numbers and.....🥁🥁🥁....
Here are the top Generosity Resources for 2021! 

This collection of resources represents the most clicked, read, downloaded, and watched resources from Generis this year. We pulled them together and packaged them up in this one blog—so if you missed them, you've got them at your fingertips! Be sure to bookmark this blog, there's some golden nuggets here that will be helpful to refer back to. 

These resources also may be helpful to your team. We suggest sharing a link to this blog with your staff or volunteers so everyone is on the page and ready to make 2022 the most generous year yet! 

An even better idea is to take one of these resources and discuss them in your weekly staff or team meeting. Assign the resource to your team the week before, prepare two or three questions, and discuss together.

It’s time to go deeper into being a generous Body of Christ. Digging into these resources with your team will accelerate generosity in your church, faith-based organization or Christian school.

Top Generosity Blogs of 2021

How do you define generosity?

Generosity is one of the most significant movements within the evangelical community, but it is also a highly debated topic among Christian leaders.

How we understand its role in the lives of believers and their surrounding Christian communities, may say more about our understanding of the gospel than any other single facet of our faith. Read more . . . 

Taking the Awkward Out of the Giving Conversation

Money and the Church have a . . . complicated . . . relationship. The two aren’t often talked about in open, transparent settings. And sometimes, when the two are talked about together, the conversation is fraught with tension, misunderstanding, and judgment.

However, the money/church conversation must be held regularly and openly if you want your church to affect change locally and globally. Read more . . . 

If You're Worried About Engagement This Fall - Read This

Not knowing who is “with you” at our churches has been an issue for some time. Now, it’s become more obvious because people have left the building for an extended period of time and are starting to find their way back.

Having people in our buildings only obscured the issue because we convinced ourselves, “If they are here, they are with us.” Some were with us. Some weren’t. And that difference in commitment has become much clearer now. Read more . . .


Top Generosity Videos of 2021

The Art of Activating Non-Givers

Based on research there is a good chance that over 50% of your attendees give little to nothing at all to your Church's ministry.  While there are many reasons why people do not give, there are some powerful keys to engaging non-givers in the vision and life of your Church. Watch now . . .

Normalizing The Giving Conversation

If you avoid talking about giving because it feels like an uncomfortable topic to approach, we want to guide you down a better path.

In this video, Generis Principal and CEO Jim Sheppard interviews Scott Wilson, global pastor at The Oaks Church. Pastor Scott shares his journey with normalizing the giving conversation by taking it from uncomfortable and awkward to discipleship and mission driven. Watch now . . .

Understanding Gifts of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics of the financial world currently. What if a giver wants to give your church or organization a gift of cryptocurrency? Do you take it and if so, how? We will examine best practices around accepting cryptocurrency gifts and how to encourage them to your church/organization. Watch now . . .


Top Generosity Downloadables of 2021

A Pathway to Rebuilding your Volunteer Base 

Your church doors are finally open, but your serving rosters are bare. What now? How do you reengage your volunteer base? How do you cast vision, keep everyone safe, and communicate the severity of your need without sounding desperate? Every problem has a solution and most of those solutions require a system. Download now . . . 

Generosity Conversation In A Worship Setting 

Frameworks help us think about issues so we can have meaningful conversations with our teams about future directions. Use this tool to have a conversation with your team about the types of water hoses you use to grow your congregation in generosity. We’ll explain about the use of hoses in a few moments. Download now . . .

11-Month Giver Communication

Having an intentional year-end giving strategy is a crucial component to an overall generosity game plan for a church. Many churches think that a year-end giving strategy is complex and for this reason choose not to do anything at all. But we have a solution. Download now . . . 


Top Generosity eBooks of 2021

Accelerating Generosity

Within the Church, there is currently a significant “generosity movement,” but generosity is also a debated topic among Christian leaders. How we understand the role of generosity in our lives—and in the Christian communities where we do life together— perhaps says more about our faith and our understanding of the gospel than any other single aspect of our faith. Download here.

Best Year-End Giving Ever!

We believe the level of success you will experience in your year-end giving strategy is dependent on how well you prepare. Pastors and Executive Pastors, this is the time to determine what you want your year-end giving to look like. And that’s what we want to help you with in this resource. Download now . . .


We hope you find these resources helpful to you as you seek to accelerate generosity toward your God-inspired vision in 2022!

And if you find any value in these resources, would you help us improve our content and resource development by completing a short survey? Your feedback will help us create more effective and timely resources for you this next year. Thanks!

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